• Lean, disciplined, and transparent development.
  • Simplicity and value for all stakeholders.
  • Desktop, mobile, and cloud projects.


We help you develop great software from ideas in any stage. Our specialty is using lean, disciplined execution to turn ideas into software valued by end-users and investors.

We can take care of everything from definition to delivery or if you’re already developing your product, we can consult and train to help you ship faster with higher quality.


Creating software in alignment with broader business objectives and reasonable forecasts of positive ROI takes careful and skilled analysis, planning, and disciplined execution. And, itʼs our passion.

We will build your:

  • Desktop and mobile applications.
  • Backend APIs, data warehousing, and analysis.
  • Platform and API integrations.


We work with you using a lean and simple development process and deliver your software throughout; wrapping up all in-progress work inside weekly or monthly intervals.

Seeing your software as itʼs built reduces your risk by ensuring you can always predict the long-term success of your project with us and can leave with working software at any time.

Having access during development helps you to achieve positive ROI by letting you work with real software while itʼs being built, gathering data from potential users, and incorporating that learning into the process without disruption—change is not only built into our process, itʼs a good thing.

From each iteration you have:

  • Working, tested, and documented software without loose ends.
  • Clear insight into how execution and delivery qualities are comparing to costs.
  • Opportunity to seamlessly incorporate new data, e.g., beta user feedback, into the next iteration.


Programming software source code in isolation is not particularly hard or time consuming.

Our expertise is in developing and delivering complete, complex systems to market with end-user value and cost efficient, long-term, reliability in all areas across diverse platforms and end-user communities.

We deliver everything needed for sustainable success:

  • Annotated source code.
  • API documentation.
  • Specifications as automated tests.
  • New-developer startup instructions.
  • Cold-start automation for development, test, and production.
  • Engineering, operations, and disaster recovery instructions and automation.

Holistic Systems

Because weʼve been startup founders, early employees, organization leaders, process improvement coaches, in addition to software developers, we can help turn your idea into a complete business system with positive ROI.

  • Design and use of analytics to drive marketing and features.
  • Planning and designing system capacity to scale inline with revenue.
  • Operations and disaster recovery planning and engineering.


Cost differences from product to product vary primarily on complexity of the system containing the software and the throughput and data volumes itʼs designed for. From shop to shop, hourly costs vary widely and often reflect the efficiency of the teams—individual developer productivity varies by as much as 2,000%. Shops also provide different levels of service under the label of “software development”, from simple programming to holistic system delivery including documentation, quality assurance, disaster recovery, etc.

An oft used industry rule of thumb for mobile applications is budgets of 30K USD and up can result in sound value-add to end users. On the other hand, small web applications costing as little as 10–20K can provide tangible value; especially when theyʼre contained within a larger application platform.



When you’re founding a startup or just looking to switch from a private beta to full production, the technology choices can be overwhelming.

We’ll help you determine which technologies and platforms best fit your goals and needs, whether you plan to develop and engineer in-house or with us.

Development Teams

The most cost effective way to handle long-term maintenance and evolution of a successful product line is with your own team. We help you build your own, world-class web and mobile product development teams or augment their skills and experience when they need help and guidance.


  • Web and mobile applications.
  • Front to back–end programming.
  • Quality automation—unit to acceptance.
  • Business applications, consumer applications, and developer tools.
  • Tuning for speed and load.
  • Stack architecture.
  • Cloud engineering: IaaS, PaaS, and private.


Who We Are

Yuri Gadow

Photograph of Yuri Gadow

Yuri has advised, led, and been a part of teams building products in tiny startups, small businesses and medium enterprises for everything from large-scale project management systems to financial analysis to drag and drop mobile app builders spanning the United States, India, and China.

For twenty-five years Yuri’s focus has been on finding opportunities to help organizations accomplish more with less through smaller, simpler, and more focused technology.

Yuri is currently researching and developing systems for player-generated stories in entertainment. He’s also a glider pilot, mountain biker and mechanic, mountaineer, diver, and occasional founder.

+1 720 515 5190

Matthew Jones

Photograph of Matthew Jones

Matt’s twenty-five years of experience span many platforms, languages, and software products in communications, construction, and retail. He is also an investor and adviser to three brick-and-mortar bars and a gastropub.

Matt’s philosophy is to create software that makes its users feel awesome by allowing them to act naturally—no one should dread using technology.

When he’s not enjoying hiking, snowboarding, and exploring the High Rockies, Matt’s focused on the methods and applications of isomorphic architecture in the context of cloud and mobile.

Our Work

We have helped companies develop new product lines while minimizing risk and being nimble enough to pivot quickly on new data.

We have helped companies overhaul existing lines to minimize operational costs and prepare older products for a new phase of development.

When you're ready to work with us, we can put you in touch with other clients with similar projects. Recently, we have built:

  • Developer tools for quantum computers.
  • Mobile retail space design and management.
  • Mobile point of sale and self-checkout.
  • Desktop back-office inventory management.
  • Web social media management.
  • Web event management.
  • Mobile information reference.
  • Web and mobile data visualization.

Contact us directly or via hello@sensedata.com.