Creating software in alignment with broader business objectives and reasonable forecasts of positive ROI takes careful and skilled analysis, planning, and disciplined execution. And, it’s our passion.

We’ll build your:


We work with you using a lean and simple development process and deliver your software throughout; wrapping up all in-progress work inside weekly or monthly intervals.

Seeing your software as it’s built reduces your risk by ensuring you can always predict the long-term success of your project with us and can leave with working software at any time.

Having access during development helps you to achieve positive ROI by letting you work with real software while it’s being built, gathering data from potential users, and incorporating that learning into the process without disruption—change is not only built into our process, it’s a good thing.

From each iteration you have:

  • Working, tested, and documented software without loose ends.
  • Clear insight into how execution and delivery qualities are comparing to costs.
  • Opportunity to seamlessly incorporate new data, e.g., beta user feedback, into the next iteration.


Programming software source code in isolation is not particularly hard or time consuming.

Our expertise is in developing and delivering complete, complex systems to market with end-user value and cost efficient, long-term, reliability in all areas across diverse platforms and end-user communities.

We deliver everything needed for sustainable success:

  • Annotated source code.
  • API documentation.
  • Specifications as automated tests.
  • New-developer startup instructions.
  • Cold-start automation for development, test, and production.
  • Engineering, operations, and disaster recovery instructions and automation.

Holistic Systems

Because we’ve each been startup founders, early employees, organization and team leaders, process improvement coaches, in addition to developers, we can help turn your idea into a complete business system with positive ROI.

  • Design and use of analytics to drive marketing and features.
  • Planning and designing system capacity to scale inline with revenue.
  • Operations and disaster recovery planning and engineering.


Cost differences from product to product vary primarily on complexity of the system containing the software and the throughput and data volumes it᾿s designed for. From shop to shop, hourly costs vary widely and often reflect the efficiency of the teams—individual developer productivity varies by as much as 2,000%. Shops also provide different levels of service under the label of “software development,” from simple programming to holistic system delivery including documentation, quality assurance, disaster recovery, etc.

An oft used industry rule of thumb for mobile applications is budgets of 30K USD and up can result in sound value-add to end users. On the other hand, small web applications costing as little as 10–20K can provide tangible value; especially when they’re contained within a larger application platform like Salesforce or Facebook.

We offer a number of flexible cost structures to accommodate different situations; each approach is designed to incent everyone involved towards overall, long-term project success and reduce the risk for everyone. Of course, we’re also happy to fall back on simple time and materials when appropriate.

Fixed Project Launch

In addition to hourly rates for initial design and planning, we offer the option of a single, fixed cost for everything necessary to get your project from idea to execution, including interaction model sampling, feature definition, analysis of user acquisition, revenue versus cost models, and scale planning.

Target-Cost Execution

With a target cost jointly established for each batch of work, we can increase velocity by sharing the financial risks and rewards of variance—great for time-sensitive projects.

Stable-Cost Execution

With a per-week cost you set during project startup, you pay a simple, predictable fee each month matching the actual utilization exactly, no more, no less; great for budget-sensitive projects.