Our Work

We work with many different kinds of companies, small and large, who want to start developing new product lines while minimizing risk and being nimble enough to pivot quickly on new data.

We also help companies wanting to overhaul existing lines to minimize operational costs or prepare an older product for a new phase of development or a clean transition . And, we even work with other companies like us who need a little help outside their expertise to help their own clients.

A Few Projects

International Space Station

International Space Station Telemetry Dashboard

To have a little fun learning more about the space station and experiment with new technologies, we took part in the 2015 Space Apps Challenge and are continuing to build an open-source dashboard web app for the International Space Stations telemetry.


Hoyvin Screenshot

To help Hoyvin present ideas to early customers and investors, we built a minimum viable product to enable institutional traders to monitor and filter securities-related social media traffic. We worked with Hoyvin to build a product roadmap, a back end system integrating live social data feeds from DataSift, and a matching web app.



To help Captimo get new mobile video and photo sharing capabilities into the hands of new customers and events, we designed and built a new back end infrastructure, administrative web apps, a Facebook app, and worked with DVmobile to overhaul and extend Captimo's iPhone app.