Project Launch

Tell us as much as you’re comfortable and know so far about the project—we’ll fill in the blanks together as we go—and we’ll get in touch to get things moving quickly.

About You

The Project

What production options are under consideration?

Production approaches directly determine the types of and approaches to internal monitoring, disaster recovery support, and scaling architecture.

The Users

How will they interact with the project?

Understanding long and short-term device needs is key to planning architecture, skill-sets, and overall execution approaches. For example a system with web and mobile apps will need an overall systems architecture capable of share logic and data between handheld devices and web servers, a multi-disciplined team, and plans for App Store and web release coordination.

How will they interact with you?

The customer service and support plan—even if only to have customers contact stakeholders directly—helps us plan for systems integration, e.g., transparent incorporation of UserVoice, as well for the operational needs of the people supporting the customers, e.g., built-in metrics, data correction features, availability and load monitoring.

Schedule and Budget

Which cost models are interesting?

We can joint establish a target cost for each batch of work, and so increase velocity by sharing the financial risks and rewards, or use stable-cost or simple time and materials for more traditional approaches for simplicity and budget-oriented projects. For more, see: Development Costs.

Thank you for taking the time to get in touch, we’ll get back to you right away. And of course, never hesitate to just pick the phone and give us a ring.